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Ski / Snowboard / Ski Touring / Télémark / Snowscoot

Manu and his team, all skiers and mountain professionals will be happy to welcome you to advise you on your choice of rental or purchase for your equipment: Ski, snowboard, ski touring, telemark, ski boots and poles. The best in terms of ski gear in Tignes.

With a fleet of more than 1000 pairs of skis including prestigious brands such as Stöckli, handmade in Switzerland, Dynastar a French brand that we no longer present and many others …

SkiOne is also a specialist in Bootfiitting, adjusting your ski boots to your feet with the possibility of making soles for even more comfort and precision.



Need maintenance or repair on your skis?

Your SkiOne store in Tignes takes care of everything

The maintenance of your skis is very important to ensure good glide but also good grip on the snow.

-Maintenance :

A poorly waxed or unwaxed ski does not slide well on the slopes, and the sole dries up if it is not waxed.

The more you wax the skis the more they will be efficient on the snow.

A ski sole does not slide directly on the snow but on small water droplets created by the heating between the sole and the snow.

The wax contained fluorine that will help to evacuate these droplets as quickly as possible to increase the glide. Different types of wax are used depending on the snow temperature.

A ski that is poorly or not sharpened does not grip properly on hard snow.

During your stay in Tignes, think about waxing and sharpening your skis for an optimal glide.

When you leave Tignes, think about “wintering” your ski, apply a thick layer of wax to protect your ski until the next session.


A damaged ski that is not repaired can quickly become unusable.

If your Ski has hit a rock, the edge can be bent/torn off, the ski sole can be hollowed out and water can infiltrate the ski structure.

Your SkiOne workshop in Tignes Val Claret takes care of all these worries for you.

-Race :

Tignes is a family and sports resort.

Many competitors come to train in the resort.

Your Skione Tignes store offers a specialized service for racers. Adapted equipment, handmade work, with equipment used in the World Cup, years of experience allow us to do an exceptional job on your skis.

SkiOne workshop prices:

-Waxing = 15 €

-Sharpening + waxing = 25 €

-Sharpening + waxing + filling = 35 €

– Race preparation (88 ° / 0.5 °) = 50 €


No longer adapt to your boots, adapt your boots to your feet:

Manu and his Skione team provide bootfitting in your Skione Tignes Val Claret store.

Each foot being unique, Bootfitting allows you to adjust your shoe to your foot (more comfort, more performance and less pain). No more blisters and injuries, you just have to enjoy your favorite sport.

Different technical actions can be performed on your ski boot:

-a push on the hull to gain volume

– sand material to remove support points

– add shims or sand the bottom of the hull

– all work on the liner of the shoe

Your Skione Tignes Val Claret store offers a whole selection of shoes for sale with major brands such as K2, Lange, Head, Fischer …

A made-to-measure sole:

A mass-produced shoe may not be suitable for all feet.

As the day goes on your foot gets tired, it tends to sag inwards and since nothing supports it the shoe becomes uncomfortable and you lose control. A custom-made sole, thermoformed by your Skione team, brings you stability and precision in your trajectories as well as comfort. As a result, longer days on the slopes.

A thermoformed sole adapts to all types of feet: hollow or flat

Your Skione Tignes Val Claret store works with ArtFeet, a French brand specializing in thermoformable insoles for Skiing.

Ski socks:

Too often we see skiers with new boots but not the right pair of socks that deserve to go with them.

Your Skione Tignes store offers for sale everything you need for your ski outfit as well as socks adapted to fully enjoy skiing on our ESPACE KILLY area.

ski de rondo a Tignes

Ski Touring

SkiOne provides equipment for ski touring rental and sale. Low Tech or Standard bindings with telescopic poles and sealskins.

For off-piste skiing, we provide the rental and sale of DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector) safety kits including: Detector, Shovel and Probe. And ABS bag (Airbag).


SkiOne does also provide Telemark equipment. Low Tech or Standard bindings with telescopic poles and sealskins.

For off-piste skiing, we offer the rental and sale of DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector) safety kits including: Detector, Shovel and Probe. And ABS bag (Airbag).

Snowscoot & Hillstrike

Rental of Snowscoot and Hillstrike (Ski Bike), half day or full day. Easy to use, come and try.